The Alternative Acne Treatment That You Should Know

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before we go to the alternative acne treatment, do you know that according to the Asian people, particularly the Chinese, we suffer from acne simply because of our inability to digest food properly.
That is why the acne home treatment from Asia is mostly about maintaining the proper diet and consuming supplements.

When cooking, you are advised to cook using olive oil (extra virgin) to avoid damage to your tissues and redness in your body.

You are also advised to eat non-fat or low fat dairy foods as they are great for your digestive system. Processed foods and junk foods such as french fries, burgers, chips and so on should be avoided. You should only consume healthy foods which are omega-3 fats laden such as salmon and flax seed.

On the other hand, what you want is, to stay away from foods with omega-6 fats. Foods which contain omega-6 fats are like corn, soybean, sunflower, cottonseed oils and all oils that encourage swelling. You should also avoid eating foods that can heat up your body such as certain types of spices, coffee and garlic which can cause the flaring up of your acne.

Consuming vegetables and fresh fruits is also encouraged as it is an efficient alternative acne treatment. Vegetables and fruits will help to remove acne as they are vitamins and fiber laden. The vitamins will help to remove acne and the fiber is very useful for our digestive system. You are also recommended to consume protein but you ought to consume less carbohydrates.

You should also drink plenty of water. The minimum requirement is 64 ounce of water daily but you should drink more. Drinking water will flush out all the harmful toxins in your body thus making your body and your skin healthy.

I hope the above alternative acne treatment will help you in removing your acne and making your life better.


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