Dealing With a Cracked Tooth

Thursday, November 12, 2009

If your teeth are sometimes sensitive when you eat or drink something cold, then there is a good possibility that you are suffering from a condition called ‘cracked tooth syndrome’. Cracked tooth syndrome is fairly common in many adults today and there can be several different kinds of cracks that can occur in teeth. Some of them are:

Superficial cracks – these are of no consequence

Internal cracks – these cannot be seen as they are present underneath the fillings

Deep cracks – some deep cracks cause enormous pain and make the tooth highly sensitive, while others may have no symptoms whatsoever

Cracks can occur when people grind their teeth or when they chew on hard substances. Some people grind their teeth while the sleep and are unaware. When large fillings age, they too can crack and cause some amount of discomfort. At that time, the dentist may need to resort to either filling it again, or covering it with a crown or an onlay. If the tooth is severely damaged and the nerves are exposed, then a root canal procedure will become imminent.

Prevention is ultimately better than any cure and hence, if a tooth is already cracked, it is better to go ahead and deal with it even if there are no symptoms present. The dentist can strengthen it by covering the tooth with a crown or an onlay and thus prevent any further complications. This way the tooth is protected and kept healthy since there is no way that bacteria can enter and cause any infection.


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