How to Deal With Cancer?

Monday, November 16, 2009

We know that the first thing cancer tries to do to you is take away pieces of your daily life. It is taking your time and money. It actually tells you there are things you cannot do anymore. It also can hurt or disfigure you. Just knowing that your disease has these directions and objectives is going to help you fight it more effectively. However beyond all the things cancer will try to take, nothing is worse than the strain it puts on the relationships.

 Obviously to those closest to you will be the first to suffer unless you make a concerted effort to keep this from happening. After all, cancer will win some of the time. If you are hurt, for example, people who care about you will hurt too. There is nothing you can or should do. Sometimes, cancer wins the round. Get your health back or just learn more about management of pain, or both. Do not ever hide the pain. You can also expect to deal with some disruptions. Your disease will affect almost every aspect of your life, even your profession. By knowing that cancer will make these moves on you is the first long step toward the countermeasures you can have ready.
It is suggested home life changes should occur as your cancer becomes more insistent and aggressive. Think about you may need a place for a nurse to stay. Rooms may need to be reorganized or changed. You might also need the help of climbing stairs or wider doors for wheelchair passage. You may need to decide that using a van or SUV is far more practical than a sedan car. Obviously, commercial travel could provide more challenges. It may become more interesting too. And most of the times cheaper as well. Restaurant, movie, church, and other real life experiences will become more complicated.
The oxygen bottles and other bottles and bags you may need, as well as changing any physical limitations, can also require some advanced preparation. The cancer actually causes inconvenience and your treatment will be another story. And of cause recovery may cause a pain in your backside. Think about it, none of it is good, but eventually it will be better if you understand what is happening and know how to make the best of the hand you have dealt. Looked at in another way: You do not ever want to be surprised due to lack of advanced preparation. Minimally, it could be embarrassing. Worst case, this mistake could even kill you.


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