What Is Depression?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When a person starts to feel depressed, the brain is releasing a mixture of chemicals into the bloodstream and changing the way the brain functions. It is also caused by other external factors, for example a particular situation, what another person had said, and more.
A person can feel slightly depressed or can feel extremely depressed depending how seriously they are affected by depression.

 The mechanics of how depression works is quite simple. The human brain is made up of billions of never endings called neurons and it carries signals from your brain to your body using a chemical called neurotransmitters.

The chemicals in our brain are also responsible for influencing our emotional state and depression is caused when the neurotransmitters send weak signals causing the body to change its state.

Treating Depression
There are two common treatments for depression, psychotherapy and medication.


Otherwise known as “talk therapy,” is said to be the most effective way of treatment. Countless studies have proven that when a person is talking to someone about their condition it can slowly rid depression. However results will take time it’s a rather safe form of treatment and expression how a person feels. You can expect to psychotherapy to go between 10 and 20 weeks.

Different Types of Psychotherapy

• Group therapy is having other people with depression or similar issues sit down and contribute to each other their experiences and how they over came their issues. Along with a qualified therapist, group therapy is a form of treatment that provides results
• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the understanding of depression and how our brain reacts to it. Our thinking process and behaviour patters that are negative can be treated with a therapist who will help teach you how to react and think when you feel depressed.
• Interpersonal therapy is focused at linking depression with a person’s emotional problem.
• Psychodynamic therapy is linked to personal traumas and experiences in a person’s life that causes depression especially during childhood.

The majority of patience that seek medication for depression often are successful depending on how deeply the person is affected by depression it may take longer to find a cure. Most medications are called antidepressants and the two most popular antidepressant medications are, PAXIL CR and WELLBUTRIN.

Only a doctor should prescribe these medications to you and it might take some time to see some results. You’ll notice in about four weeks that your moods will change. Your doctor should recommend the period that you should stay on your medication.


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