Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

Friday, December 4, 2009

One of the most frequently asked questions of people when talking about teeth whitening is, are there benefits in laser teeth whitening? There have been no independent studies that will prove that laser teeth whitening helps patients attain their natural whiteness potential more powerful compared with any other form of teeth whitening method.
But we do say that appliance of laser teeth whitening reduces bleaching time and sensitivity.

You would not be shocked if we say that all teeth bleaching methods made a long way in the past decade. Dental teeth whitening office procedure or also known as Laser Bleaching (to some it is called Power Bleaching, Argon Bleaching) which is extremely popular these days is definitely a shorter process than other bleaching methods at the beginning of the whitening era. NASA scientists have developed this exclusive technique and it has become the much loved teeth whitening method of dentists as well as of patients.
You may ask why this has become the dentists' favorite and the answer is as this as simple - it's less time-consuming and 2 hours is quite sufficient for the procedure and no follow-up treatment is really needed. Not less than 93% of dentists and patients say this technique to be of satisfaction result and this procedure is more preferred by patients who are not into the overnight-long wearing of the mouthpiece used in home teeth whitening process. If compared to other treatment methods, laser teeth whitening results last longer if compared to conservative treatments. The chief disadvantage of laser teeth whitening is its high cost.
The principle of the laser tooth whitening method is the following - dental hygienist puts a rubber seal around your teeth to defend patients' gums, then concentrated peroxide gel is applied onto patients' teeth and the whitening procedure is accelerated with the use of laser - for the next hour you will sit in a dental chair with your mouth wide open, while a special light, usually argon or mixture of other gases, is radiated onto the teeth whitening paste that in turn chemically interacts with the peroxide and fulfills the teeth whitening process in as short a time period as possible.
Laser teeth whitening is considered the top of the line treatment. It takes about one hour. The dentist applies a bleach solvent containing hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. You will find that hydrogen peroxide is found in all teeth whitening products. The higher the amount of hydrogen peroxide the faster the tooth whitening will take place. Once the bleach is on the teeth the teeth are subjected to a light source, usually a laser. This laser activates the hydrogen peroxide. This application is left on your teeth for twenty minutes. This process is then repeated two more times before you are done.
As a final remark we enumerate the advantages of laser-bleaching techniques, they are the following: uniform color, less sensitivity due to less heat, and less hand time needed for the application process. And as you know that nothing is ideal this method has some drawbacks, it is important to follow up with some home matrix bleaching, and it is a lot more expensive.


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