Natural Weight Loss Pills vs Prescription Alternatives

Friday, December 4, 2009

It is a fact that everyone wants to have a slimmer body. This is what drives many to subscribe to several exercise routines and even equipment. Furthermore, many recognize that constant muscle toning and visits to the gym will not be enough to get the body that they want. Hence, they turn to ways of reducing what they have by following several diet programs.

 If these are still not enough, there are a lot of available products that one can take that will help you burn fat faster. Today people who want to slim quickly have two options. It will be up to you to decide who will be your choice between natural weight loss pill and prescription alternatives.

What Can Natural Weight Loss Pills Do?
As the name implies these are pills that promote weight loss by introducing several natural ingredients into the body. These ingredients are often found naturally in fruits and vegetables but have been synthesized in the lab in order to be mass produced. Of course, there are also completely synthetic chemicals that are as effective. The main purpose of such chemicals in natural weight loss pills would be to burn fat. Depending on the active ingredient in a pill, it can help by bonding with fat or by increasing the metabolism of the body.
The biggest advantage of pills would be the number of clinical tests they have to undergo before they get released. This basically ensures the effectiveness of the pills in making a person slim down. Essentially, they can easily boast of these numbers whenever they market to everyone and indeed to do produce results. Their biggest drawbacks, on the other hand, unfortunately can be found on the tests they have conducted. Side effects of taking weight loss pills have also been well documented. These include headaches, vomiting, to more serious though less frequent cases such as allergies and uncontrollable bowel movement.

A Take on Prescription Alternatives

Context clues should tell you that prescription alternatives can be obtained without the prior approval of a doctor. Some of them can even be bought directly over the counter. These alternatives may come in the form of pills (though not FDA approved as they are considered as supplements) or simply a diet program were one eats a focused amount of specific food groups. The biggest advantage is that they are all natural, which means one will most likely not experience any side effects while taking them.
The biggest doubt about prescription alternatives would be the lack of convincing research about their efficacy. Most of them gained notoriety because they have been used for centuries in treatment of certain conditions or have been discovered in remote parts of the planet only to be found to have weight loss properties. This means that there have not been enough trials to confirm if they do produce concrete results. Even if they do, since they are not strictly regulated, there are some unscrupulous individuals who would release supplements promising to contain alternative ingredients only to deliver subpar products or even fake ones.
In the end, it would help to at least consult physicians and ask their opinions before committing to buy alternatives.


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