Manic Depression

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is Manic Depression

A Manic Dipression is a Bipolar disease of the brain which is also known upon as Manic-depressive stage illnesses of the brain. There are noticed certain unusual shifts in the perceptions and sheer mood of the patient suffering from such specific disease with changes in the energy level and inability to function the various organs efficiently for longer span of time.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally By Eating Garlic

Blood pressure can be lowered naturally by eating garlic. A recent study at the University of Alabama (UAB) shows that the protective effect of garlic is related to the amount of polysulfides in garlic.
 Garlic compounds known as polysulfides interact with red blood cells to produce hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels.

Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To help your body work more efficiently, you will find the Vitamin C is a necessity. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and it is a very popular vitamin, but many people do not really know much about it.
Like Vitamin B, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Hence, if it is not used by your body, it gets eliminated via urination.
 Usually, both vitamins B and C are stored in the liver. This is where your body draws on this vitamin for support of its functions.

Acknowledging Your Fears

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're mortal. And,contrary to what some may believe, each and everyone one of us have fears. If you can think of it, there's someone out there somewhere that's afraid of it--and possibly even deathly afraid. Fear is a normal part of everyday life, put in place by the Creator to keep us safe and out of harm's way. There are times, however, when our fears can truly hold us back in life, detour us from growth, and negatively impact our self esteem.

Discover the Different Types of Phobias Today

There are many different types of phobias today. A phobia is a type of fear that is considered to be either excessive, or irrational in basis. In many cases, a phobia includes both an excessive and an irrational fear.
Individuals who suffer from these fears may or may not know and understand that their fear is irrational. However,
 if one does recognize their fear as irrational, it is still difficult to overcome it as it feels and seems very real.

Is Laser Eye Surgery in Your Future?

How do I know if laser eye surgery is for me? There are many factors that have to be considered if you are thinking about having eye surgery done. First of all, there are age limitations. Certain surgeries require you to be 18 while others will require you to be 21 or older. You can't have laser eye surgery if there is anything going on that could affect the healing process, or affect how your eyes will react to the surgery process.

Baby Acne Treatment - How to Treat Baby Acne

Monday, March 15, 2010

One of your privileges as a new parent is to enjoy the soft, smooth and fragrant skin of your baby. A baby’s skin has the most delicate feel like nothing else. It is only natural to be worried when you discover signs of rashes or any red marks on your baby’s perfect skin. If your baby is having a particularly bad breakout of red rashes or something that resembles adult whiteheads,

Discover the Green Tea Diet


Green tea originates from China and has become associated with many cultures in Asia from Japan to the Middle- east. Recently it has become more widespread in the West where black tea is traditionally consumed. Over the last few decades green tea has begun to be subjected to many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long supportive health benefits.

Asthma Can Be Scary

Asthma can be scary and quite dangerous if it is not kept in control by the person afflicted with the disease. Asthma, if not kept in check, can lead to serious complications with breathing and may even result in death.
There are many different triggers that cause one to have an asthma attack. The majority of asthma attacks are caused by allergens, pet dander, dust, mold, cold or hot weather, moist air, cigarette smoke, exercise and sometimes even stress.

What is Leukemia?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Leukemia is a form of cancer that develops in the bone marrow of human beings. Leukemia is usually caused by an uncontrolled production of blood cells. Those blood cells that produce at astronomical rates are the white blood cells. There are two forms of leukemia; acute leukemia and chronic leukemia.
Acute leukemia makes the bone marrow extremely crowded and prevents the bone marrow from producing healthy blood cells.

Anemia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Anemia, though sounds a simple disease to have, could actually get fatal. It is therefore extremely important to identify anemic cases so that proper treatment can be done on time.
Anemia is a case where the blood of the patient lacks the normal level of RBC cells in it. It could also be caused due to a deficiency in iron which lowers the hemoglobin level of the RBC cells.

What is a Bleeding Disorder and How it Can Be Treated

Bleeding disorders refer to the situation, when the clotting system of human body becomes incapable of restraining blood from various body parts. For instance, the main body parts suffering from these disorders are nose and gums. Apart from this, menstrual bleeding in excessive amount is also a sign of bleeding disorder.
Another type of bleeding disorder occurs, when cut and wound sites are not plugged by clotting process to disallow the flow of blood.


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