Lower Blood Pressure Naturally By Eating Garlic

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blood pressure can be lowered naturally by eating garlic. A recent study at the University of Alabama (UAB) shows that the protective effect of garlic is related to the amount of polysulfides in garlic.
 Garlic compounds known as polysulfides interact with red blood cells to produce hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels.

Blood pressure automatically lowers when the blood vessels starts to relax. Blood vessels can be relaxed up to 72 percent in the arteries of rats through a substance called hydrogen sulphide. The UAB researchers have found this substance in fresh garlic.

The lead of the research group David Kraus Ph.D. said "When these garlic compounds are metabolized to hydrogen sulfide in the vascular system, the hydrogen sulfide targets membrane channels and causes smooth muscle cells to relax. So a garlic-rich diet has many good effects, and hydrogen sulfide may be the common mediator,".

Hydrogen Sulfide often protects the damages in cells and tissues caused at the time of heart attack. This has been found by a separate study conducted by Albert Einstein College of Medical. Oxidative damage to the cells is prevented by hydrogen sulfide this is how the researchers think.
Kraus further explained "The role of garlic compounds in preventing platelet aggregation, which can trigger a heart attack or stroke, and in limiting cancer growth and the progression of several diseases is well documented,".

Platelet aggregation allows blood coagulation (the thickening of blood when one is cut, for example), but too much aggregation cat lead to blood clots. Platelet aggregation contributes to the buildup of fatty plaques on artery walls. Garlic prevents platelet aggregation and therefore prevents the buildup of fatty plaques. These fatty plaque deposits effectively increase the size of blood vessels, which increases blood pressure. Blood clots can also result in stroke and heart attack.

Hydrogen sulfide is naturally produced by the body, but as people age, their body's natural hydrogen sulfide production decreases. Eating garlic regularly is an effective method of maintaining hydrogen sulfide levels and keeping the heart healthy.

Platelet aggregation can also be prevented by onions and this will naturally lower blood pressure. Garlic and onion bothe comes from the allium family.

The following sentence shows that onion has the substance to neutralize the effect of a high fat meal on platelet aggregation. Platelets combined together is a quick manner after a no onion hi fat meal when compared to meal containing hi fat with onions. This has been proved by a study made by Queen Elizabeth College of London University.

You can just add a crushed garlic to pasta sauces, soups, vegetables, and meats actually it's very easy to cook. Any meal can be made yummy by the flavor of garlic. Eat garlic regularly to lower blood pressure naturally if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

Relaxation exercises like meditation and yoga do come in handy. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then walking is the best exercise you can get. You can try walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Alternative you can lower blood pressure through physical exercise apart from eating garlic.


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