Herbs for Hypertension

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The remedial technique to reduce hypertension symptoms from a raised blood pressure is done with the help of herbs and shrubs, stems and roots or through the trunk of various natural plants and trees available for the herbalists in the forests. The herbs have been introduced a long way before conventional chemical methods are adopted by the manufacturing companies to provide feasible side-effects and reactions of the medicine.

The herb for a hypertension is a drug in use who suffers from sensitive case of hypertension syndrome triggered because of malfunctioning of liver system or heart and stomach burning as food isn’t digested properly or the patient has a problem of sleep apnea. As soon as the herb enters the bloodstream it establishes a strong bond with the blood to travel to other sections including brain as the blockage of the oxygen reaching to the brain opens automatically by letting a specific herb to dilute with the blood and oxygen levels internally.

Home remedies of herbs constitute garlic as an easy form of hypertension controller. Garlic produces sulphur allicin as its compound to lower the blood-pressure levels in the stream and supports the cardiovascular system of the heart as an antioxidant and mildly antihypertensive capabilities. There’s another natural herb available to herbalists known upon as hawthorn berry. These are mainly the leaves of the small plant that controls the cholesterol serum in the blood cells and helpful to exterminate arteriosclerosis of the joints and bones.

Mainly the hypertension syndrome is triggered due to unwanted movement of the muscles and bones stretching inconveniently to basic body voluntary and involuntary movements. The muscles are unable to stretch or become flexible to adjust to the work environment due to dearth of regular exercising and practicing of yoga asans. The muscles become tendon and stiff and thus creates a frustration inside the patient’s body laying foundation of anxiety and hyperactivity that further add up to hypertension contingencies of uncontrollable mood habits and getting aggressive over trivial matters. The hawthorn berry seed is also known upon as thorn-apple or whitethorn or even as may bush in foreign countries.

The next natural herb for shrinking the affect of hypertension to brain is dandelion. The dandelion is a flower of the plant and is edible with salads and a tasty delight with other forms of natural roots as herbs. The dandelion flower takes the place of a mild diuretic if consumed as a tea one of the many remedies for herbal therapies for hypertension. The herbalist propose the specific fragrance to immediately let the patient smell the flower as the aroma entering straight away to the breathing tube reaches directly to the brain and provides relaxation to the patient. The odor of it is very powerful in nature.

If human body doesn’t leaks a potassium percentage inside the body through hormones then it’s evident to suffer the symptom of hypertension i.e. why herbs are meant to control such disease. Sometimes the dandelion flower facilitates the bile duct of the gallstone so that the duct doesn’t demonstrate a blockage to the system. Another natural vegetable for controlling the symptom of hypertension is the garden artichoke. It helps in lowering the lipids from the blood and increases the bile in the system internally to aid to release appropriate fluid in the pancreas of the bowel system. Chrysanthemum is obtainable in powder structure. The powder upholds the specific dilation of coronary arteries.

The thick flow of the blood cells turns into easy flow of blood in the stream and controls the reaction process to trigger away the syndrome of hypertension in the patient’s body so as the astragalus herb that deserves a place in the herb lists as well. According to Chinese mythology, there’re in total 50 such deep-seated herbs in the forests of the world with different effect quality and specifications.


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