Best Treatmen for Hair Loss

Friday, November 19, 2010

who has been severely suffering from hair-loss. The re-growth of the hairline that is caused due to difficulties in hair follicles are genetic factors and harsh environmental conditions such as dust and dirt that seeps in and bacteria that starts eating away the skin scalp letting the entire pathway to appear clean and clear and awkward to the patient.

The medicines recommended by the dermatologists consist of at least 5% of minoxidil that controls the disease of the head scalp called as alopecia. The treatment with Rogaine applied twice a day is helpful to make hair soft and fluffy for prolonged period of time. Sometimes the treatment procedures even take a long period in between 8-9 months whereas actual treatment therapy must take place somewhere around six months to heal up the process of hair-loss.

It has to keep in mind that even best hair-loss treatment is adopted it shouldn’t reciprocates the process of healing of the head scalp where in certain criteria the patient has reported a complaint about excessive hair-growth at the targeted area which is more then the normal condition outlook. The best treatment fails overtime and its effectiveness is challenged and repercussions faced only by the patient as is been suggested by the dermatologists. The best hair-loss treatment should be duly certified by FDA for its approval because there are many substitutes available in the domestic market who fools the customer by its fancy outlook through over-the-counter hair-loss treatment products.

Propecia along with minoxidil if applied together after thorough mixing procedure is very effective to the head scalp and controls the hair-loss efficiently. The pregnant women must opt for more soft but sophisticated natural or conventional methods so that the by-birth defects in the body triggers the life-long cycle of scalp disease that need to be carefully executed by them. Especially the tablets or pills eaten in excess are harmful for their head scalp because such medicines later in the stage warms the body and triggers the sudden fall of the hair lining. Apart from medicinal help, hair-transplant surgery is effective to the baldness too but it’s rather expensive by nature. Certain patients are required to undergo multiple forms of surgeries based on the male and female patterns but there’s a guarantee that the look will look natural to the patient as suggested by dermatologists. Retin-A as termed a tretinoin or renova is prescribed for an increase of 10% output results for partial or full hair-loss treatment of the patient.

Oral medications for partial or full baldness should be taken in combination therapy not as a single hairline treatment of the scalp. The enzymes which are responsible for changing the testosterone into DHT of the head scalp are inhibited already under propecia and minoxidil. Dutasteride is an active ingredient that is a drug to treat away the enhanced or enlarged prostate glands of the neck region under avodart. The active ingredient blocks the enzymes as other ingredients does where DHT is created at the target area.

Ketoconanazole is present in shampoos to treat the dandruff as dandruff ill-treated starts making the scalp skin rough and dry and the hair follicles becomes brittle thus they tend to fall suddenly in bathrooms, kitchens, rooms etc. If this ingredient is considered as the best hair-loss formula then simply 1% of it isn’t sufficient as FDA doesn’t approves the specific quantity and will ill-treat the head scalp with no guarantee. Best antacid treatment therapy again for partial or full hair-loss is through tagamet along with azelaic acids and introduction to peptides.


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