Hepatitis C Symptoms, Know About Hepatitis C Causes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hepatitis C is a type of disease that is caused by the hepatitis C virus. According to studies in the United States, there are approximately 36,000 persons who are infected by this disease each year. Although this is a milder condition compared to any other type of hepatitis, still it can lead to chronic liver disease if left untreated. Approximately 4 million people are said to be chronic HCV carriers.

Unlike the other types of hepatitis, hepatitis C has no specific treatments for its symptoms. But your doctor can recommend you to have bed rest drink plenty of fluids. Not only that, a healthy diet and avoidance of alcoholic beverages will also be best for you. If you are experiencing only mild hepatitis C, after following the advice of your doctor, you will begin to feel better in two to three weeks and may completely recover from the symptoms within four to eight weeks.

Nowadays, hepatitis C has become a very serious threat worldwide. In some countries, like the United States Of America, at the top of the causes that lead to liver damage is hepatitis C. The hepatitis C virus is very spread and many Americans are victims. The hepatitis C virus is also the reason for about twenty percent of the acute hepatitis and more than fifty percent of the cirrhosis cases are believed to be caused by the hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis A, B and C are familiar names to most people, but there are other ways to get hepatitis. Ethanol, which is found in alcoholic drinks, can cause hepatitis. Alcoholic hepatitis can be mild or severe. People who drink alcohol in excess may also increase their chances of getting hepatitis C. Alcoholic hepatitis does not lead to cirrhosis, but cirrhosis is more common in people, who’ve been drinking alcohol for a long period of time.

Several years ago, the most common way that hepatitis C was transferred to other patients was thought to be by tainted blood used in transfusions, but nowadays the blood testing procedures have improved considerably, and the risk is now very small. These days the highest risk group is illegal drug users. The sharing of any equipment or appliance which has any blood or bodily fluids on it when taking drugs is a simple way of transferring this disease.

Hepatitis C is usually spread by contact to human blood that has been contaminated with the hepatitis C virus. There is an astonishing number of people that are infected with the hepatitis C virus because of injection of drugs. People who have transfusions of blood are also at risk of infection with the hepatitis C virus. However, the risk is lowered now, because of a test that requires that the blood used for transfusions must be tested for the hepatitis C virus.

There is no vaccine that can help you prevent the infection with hepatitis C virus. So all one can do to prevent hepatitis C is to avoid all the risk factors. If the hepatitis C virus is contacted, your body will try to fight it. However, the hepatitis virus can mutate and evade your immune system. As many as 80 percent of the people that are infected with the hepatitis C virus will not be able to destroy it completely.

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