How Do I Quit Smoking - 3 Methods That Can Work For You

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are you one of those who constantly think "how do I quit smoking forever"? Have you gone cold turkey to stop smoking but couldn't find any success? Perhaps you chose the wrong way to kick this bad habit. It may not work for all people to quit smoking abruptly.
Those who find it really difficult to follow this method should focus on other easier methods that can help them beat the battle against nicotine.
 However, before you try out the various products, procedures, and therapies to quit smoking, remember that the first thing you need is an strong desire to be free from the addiction and the willpower to make you obey or follow external and internal instructions.

Your mind plays a significant role in helping you quit smoking. When your body struggles against the changes it has to face as you take a pill or reduce the frequency of smoking, it is your mind that provides the support system to with stand the physical discomforts. Even the thought that "how do I quit smoking" is an indication of the positive direction your mind has taken in terms of getting rid of the cigarette addiction. You must learn to control your mind which in turn will control your body's longing for a puff. Empowering the mind can be achieved through several methods.

 Behavioral Therapies – When it comes to the matters of the mind, getting the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist is a good idea. When you approach them with the question "how do I quit smoking", they will help you train your mind to accept the changes in your habit. Various behavioral treatment methods are employed by them to prepare the mind for a prolonged period of rehabilitation efforts.

They may also use some medicines to relax your mind and get rid of the anxiety, tension, and other emotional upheavals that usually occur during the de-addiction period. Hypnosis is widely used by practitioners as an effective method to help patients quit smoking. Some people administer self hypnosis without visiting a professional. There are many resources and materials that teach you how to do self hypnosis to get rid of smoking.

 Support Groups – Perhaps the greatest comfort to a person wanting to quit smoking is the encouragement and understanding offered by family, friends, and external support groups and communities. Support groups for smokers who want to stop it are present both in the real world and on the Internet. The benefit of these support groups is that you can get all kinds of practical tips and suggestions on how to quit smoking and how to deal with the accompanying problems. All your doubts and concerns regarding "how do I quit smoking" will be answered by these groups.

 Nicotine Anonymous (NicA) – This is a 12-step program for people who want to quit smoking. When you become a member of this program, you need to attend regular meetings held by the NicA. Group support and recovery programs can help you get rid of the bad habit.

With these methods, you can be sure that your efforts to quit smoking will be enhanced by a positive and willing mind that takes control of the urge to smoke.

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