Using Exercise to Help You Quit Smoking

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Once you've finally decided to stop smoking, you'll find that you will need something to replace that habit. It's very difficult to stop smoking, some say it's harder to stop smoking than it is to stop taking addictive narcotics. Exercise can be the key to you being able to sustain your regimen. Exercise gives you endorphins, which replaces the serotonin that smoking used to give you... the 'feel good' hormone.

You should sign up to a gym. I'm 57 years old and I signed up for a gym. I used to smoke, and now that I've stopped, I'm so glad that I did. I started coming down with symptoms of emphysema. You realize that emphysema can't be reversed, it can only be slowed-down. Walking and running will condition your lungs and heart so that you won't have such problems with breathing, as you probably do now.

If you learn to walk more, and get more aerobic exercise in, then your battered body will reward you by you're breathing better. You should also do things with your diet, at the same time, in order to better your health. Antioxidants will help repair the damage you've done to your lungs. Walking at least a half-hour a day is essential. Start with the jogging machine, and start off by walking four miles-per-hour for ten minute's duration. After a week, increase that to 15 minutes.

Remember that you've starved your heart muscles for a long time. Oxygen is essential to muscle tissue, and you've been taking oxygen away from your system by smoking. Now, I found that doing some rounds on the Nautilus equipment helps condition you body and build it up enough so that you have endurance, but it's not essential. You can get back into health just by either jogging, swimming or walking.

Oftentimes, the problem to exercise is... people start off too fast. They rush too many exercises into their regimen too quickly; then, when they have pain all over their body, the never go back again. Always write down your exercises on a log sheet, when you first begin. That way you can make sure you don't overdo. If you do Nautilus equipment, make sure you keep it steady. A good rule-of-thumb is to do two repetitions of ten. Always start off much lower than you think is actually good for you. After three days, if you don't have any pain, increase that by only five pounds.

The best time to exercise at a gym is in the morning. It's been shown that if you do your exercise in the morning, you'll stick with an exercise program longer than if you do it in the evening. After work you'll go, "Aw. I feel to tired to go to the gym." Remember that going to the gym will make you feel more invigorated, not more tired. Stay clear from drinking coffee, too. Switch to green tea. Green tea is filled with antioxidants and is very healthy for you.

If you learn to do such things as yoga, or other stress-reducing exercises, then that will help you keep from smoking. Learn to take time for yourself. Smoking used to give you that excuse to relax for a time, find a good substitute so that you're not a work-aholic. Learn to shut off the TV; TV isn't conducive to health. Start playing games such as Scrabble or Boggle. They'll get your mind active, and you won't just veg out at the TV.

Learn slow-breathing techniques. As you slowly inhale, concentrate on the most beautiful day of your life. Count as you breathe in, and count again as you breathe out, keeping the breath slow and regular. Realize that if you breathe out too much, you actually limit the amount of oxygen going to your body by retaining carbon dioxide. So, think more about holding your breath than breathing deeply and you'll realize how little breath you really need; strange enough, that will give your body more oxygen in the end.



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