Medical abbreviations

Medical Abbreviation List

Medical abbreviations of general interest include:

•Ac: before meals

•ad lib: at will, as desired

•adm: admission, admitted

•ASAP: as soon as possible

•Bid: twice a day

•Bm: bowel movement

•BP: blood pressure

•BRP: bathroom privileges

•C: Centigrade, Celsius

•Cap: capsule

•CC: chief complaint

•cc: cubic centimeter

•c/o: complains of

•C02: carbon dioxide

•CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation

•CXR: chest x-ray

•d/c: discontinue or discharge

•ECG or EKG: electrocardiogram

•EBL: estimated blood loss

•ER: emergency room

•F: Fahrenheit

•Fb: foreign body

•fx: fracture

•gtt: drop-liquid measurement

•H & P: history and physical

•HR: heart rate

•hr: hour

•hs: hour of sleep (bedtime)

•H20: water

•i: 1

•ii: 2

•iii: 3

•iv: 4

•v: 5

•I & O: intake and output

•IDDM: insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

•IV: intravenous

•IM: intramuscular

•Mg: milligram

•Ml: milliliter

•MVA: motor vehicle accident

•NPO: nothing by mouth

•NTG: nitroglycerin

•O2: oxygen

•OD: right eye

•OS: left eye

•OU: both eyes

•post-op: postoperative (after surgery)

•pre-op: preoperative (before surgery)

•po: by mouth

•pt: patient

•prn: as needed

•pc: after meals

•qd: every day

•qh: every hour

•qid: four times a day

•qod: every other day

•Rx: prescription, treatment

•sc/sq: subcutaneous

•s: without

•sx: symptoms

•s/s: signs and symptoms

•stat: immediately

•SOB: short of breath

•tab: tablet

•TPR: temperature, pulse, respiration

•vs: vital signs


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